Homeopathy is a wholistic system of medicine, which is different from modern medical techniques because it is working on the whole person and not just on one symptom.

For example, if a child with eczema is treated with Homeopathy we expect the skin to get better at the same time as sleeping and eating improve, and that other characteristics of the child like fear of the dark will lessen.

Homeopathy is a gentle, safe and effective system of health care. It does not have the side effects associated with conventional medicine, as only trace amounts of the active medicine are used in a specially prepared form. Homeopathy is not tested on animals. It is a highly effective system of medicine as has been consistently shown over the last 200 years and is suitable for the whole family.

A fundamental principle of homeopathy is that it treats the patient as a whole (it is a whole - istic medicine) and as an individual. Homeopaths do not treat physical, emotional, mental or even spiritual symptoms separately, but regard them as intimately connected, since all are aspects of the whole person.

The human being is an integrated system maintained by an energy flow. Disease is a form of disorder or blockage in this energy flow which affects all facets of the person. Homeopathic remedies work by gently stimulating this healing energy, thus enhancing the human organisms natural, inborn drive towards balance - to enable alleviation of disease symptoms.

In the last 200 years the clinical effectiveness of homeopathy has been clearly demonstrated and today homeopathy is used worldwide.