Breath Integration

Breath Integration has naturally evolved from a collection of techniques used in Yoga, Meditation, and other mind and energy related philosophies. This has resulted in a combination of the best techniques used by modern psychology with the wisdom of ancient principals.

The focus of breath integration is on gentle resolution to unlock suppressed thoughts and emotions and make them conscious.

Breath Integration is different from other forms of counselling as it helps you to address issues on an emotional, rather than an intellectual level. It is heart centered rather than head centered. This method is gentle yet the results are rapid and they provide participants with tools that are life changing.

Breath Integration session teaches you how to lead a fuller, more rewarding life through the use of a connected circular breathing method.

This technique quiets the mind and allows subconscious thoughts and feelings, that block your experience of aliveness, to come to your conscious awareness.

This heightened awareness of previously subconscious thoughts empowers you to make clearer decisions and engage in a happier, more successful life.

Breath integration offers a change in ones life and way of thinking that is gentle and fun to practice.